Outrunning the Horae - Poetry Example


Coldness and the ability to adapt are needed at this time.

Adapting to the cold will bring forth a victory that will lean on in this frozen wasteland.

A victory over a particular situation, over a difficult journey, over an inevitable question that one has to climb over.

In this great climb, soon life will be answered, and if one can triumph, perhaps, they can find warmer greener pastures.

Springtime leads one to grow, but in this frigidness, one only finds that chime of Death.


Growth and spirituality are found at this time.

Whether it is in the all-knowing sense of life finding its way through this darkness.

Or darkness can lead these growing babes into the light without much rhyme.

Darkness and light collide, there is no stopping that fact, but the sky is not starless.

The sky blooms with light, and the babes are forced to sleep and dream; it is bedtime,

For now, Death rests.


Joyfulness and Heat are abundant at this time. It lacked a certain cadence; they all knew it wouldn’t last.

Lasting happiness is something to marvel at, but there will always be some downtime.

Never is the question asked, “Why can’t it always be like this,” instead we compare and contrast,

An issue of childhood safety, the effect of childhood purity, nothing lasts but, in the meantime,

Death is still out of reach.


Changes and Hauntings are prevalent at this time.

Leaves of grass start to decay, a reminder; that time is fleeting for us inch by inch.

The hallowed ground starts to erupt, and with it comes the dead, leaning on their pastime.

Time stops, knowing that someone's heart has stopped beating in these final moments of life.

At that moment, life ceases to exist, and the pattern is complete; for now, it’s wintertime.

And Death comes for all, and I hope we outlast the seasons.

About Me

I’ve been writing since I was little; my mother likes to tell a story about how she caught me writing when I was six about one of my terrible aunts and that she knew then that I remembered everything and would be writing for the rest of my life. She wasn’t wrong; I remember everything and continue to write to this day. Still, now I’ve taken that love of writing for myself and turned it into business writing, working as a copywriter at first after college to now working as a journalist; the only next step I have is writing a full-fledged novel, but that will come in time whenever I’m entirely comfortable in my professional life.

Besides that, I graduated from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas; I studied English and Creative Writing while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and appearing on the Dean’s List 3 times in my academic career. I plan on returning to school to start my Master’s degree because I sincerely love everything about learning and firmly believe that working the mind leads to a happier life.